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This project consisted of 3 parts, the first was to randomly select an animal without any other information on the project, the second was to research what would be required for the healthy survival of that animal, and for the final stage I was given a 500 foot swath through Manhattan including the East River and Part of the Hudson River. For my proposal I started with an Orca Whale and in order to create a suitable habitat I will build a tunnel connecting the two rivers through the island and flooding the subway tunnels. This would the most space possible to a whale that is accustomed to traveling 100 miles per day. Additionally by flooding the subway system I have increase the space for the whales beyond the boundaries of the site while staying to the scope of the project. The project is then divided up into four separate sections of human “interaction” a scientific observation and experimentation space on either side of Manhattan for study, a subway to aquarium conversion, and an amphitheater for public interest.
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